Welcome to the FreeWorldGroupRP WikiaEdit

Welcome to the wiki! This wiki was created for the purpose of the Roleplaying room on This wiki contains detailed information on characters, locations in the roleplaying world, and much more! We encourage you to assist the community in any way possible by making character contributions and such. Enjoy your visit to this wiki, made by user Dark Ace AKA FWG Forum user BluesDotEXE. Please remember not to use explicit language here, it would be very much appreciated.

Rules of this WikiEdit

  1. Explicit Language will not be accepted.
  2. There is to be no personal attacks against anyone of any wiki.
  3. Do not constantly create topics advertising anything inappropriate, otherwise you will be reported.
  4. Remember this is meant to be a place where everyone of the FreeWorldGroup community can post information about their characters, information about the lore of the roleplaying world, and much more.


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